Livefire: Creating a Livestreaming App

The Problem

I was recommended to a client who wanted to build a live streaming app. He felt Twitch was too focused on gaming, and not tapping well enough into other markets within live streaming. Another concern was that there was no unified platform for live streaming, and that mobile and web seemed a bit separated from each other.

So I was absolutely fascinated by solving problems around live streaming and agreed to build out the platform for him.


The feature set I worked out for the MVP are as follows:

  • Ability to live stream with a unique stream key, able to accept up streams from common encoders like OBS and Xsplit

  • Live user chat

  • User accounts that had:

    • Ability to subscribe to users

    • Facebook integration

    • Notifications for live streams

    • Custom subscription feeds

  • Video Categories and Tagging system

  • View counts

Overall pretty standard video platform features for an MVP.


So I wanted to give a sneak preview to the general designs I've come up with:

Livefire Home

The focus on the home page is to have user account conversion be one of the first goals. User accounts for custom recommendations and ability to subscribe is going to be one of the most important pieces to get the content people want to see delivered to them.

Profile Home

Next we have the profile page, which focuses primarily on the user's content, particularly if they live stream.

Finally, the design was built out with full responsiveness in mind as well:

Once the design phase is complete, I'll be doing updating this to a full on case study. Just was really excited and wanted to show it off!